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Updated: Jan 25, 2017


Kids Ministries



     Eager Beaver
     Youth Group
The Children in our church are not just the future--they are actively included in the ministries of our church today.

Newark SDA On-line Christian School offers kindergarten through 12th grade. Learn more details about our small school’s Christian education you may call the school at 740-323-4222.


Other Ministries

Community Service Center - Adventist Community Services helps the community with clothes, food, utilities and whatever other things we can obtain for our financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually challenged brothers and sisters. Our Carrousel Thrift Shop sells knick-knacks, housewares, toys, pictures, hardware . . . etc. The New Horizons Community Learning Center will provide classes to help the un- and under-employed gain life skills to help them seek, obtain, and keep better-paying jobs as well as keep themselves and their families healthy and happy.  Form more information Call:  740-345-4421.    To go to CSC website click "Community Service Center" abovr.
The Carrousel Thrift Shop is also a part of the ACS and church ministries. Please call 740-345-4421 for more information.

Womans Ministries - Newark SDA Church supports women in ministry by empowering women to utilize their spiritual gifts in service to God, their church and their community. We believe women Elders, Deaconesses and other women leaders add a unique perspective to our church's ministries.
We believe regardless of gender God’s work must go forward. Our church fully supports the Ohio Conference in it’s stand in favor of utilizing women and their gifts in church leadership.


Sermons On

You can go to to view our sermons by clicking on the Youtub picture below. 


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