Woman's Ministries


Asking Church Family to donate Toothbrush; Toothpaste; Socks, Hand Santizer- to be given out April 7.

We will be asking for donations of items weekly  that will be given to the homeless around the community service center.

There are two special baskets in front of the church, on the platform, behind the green plants designated for donations  to benefit the Homeless around the Center.  We need all donations for the first distribution no later than Sabbath, March 30.

March 3,     1030 AM-NOON Bible Study “Pursued”. This is a 6 Lesson Series seen through the lens of Mary Magdalene that introduces Jesus as the One who pursues us as a suitor pursues his beloved.  No matter how far we have fallen, our Heavenly Pursuer relentlessly proves that nothing we can do will make Him love us less.  Nothing in our past, our present, our issues-nothing threatens God's never ending love for us.   

MARCH 3          1030 AM-NOON- Deanna McGee having Devotional-

APRIL 7              1030 AM-NOON Bible Study-“Pursued”

Distribution of donated items to Homeless; 2-4 PM

MAY 5                1030 AM-NOON- Joan Davis having Devotional


JULY 7                1030 AM-NOON- Bible Study “Pursued”

AUGUST 4         1030 AM-NOON Nancy Swingley-Devotional & Zoo Excursion for Women in the Church

SEPTEMBER 1   1030 AM-NOON Bible Study- “Pursued”

OCTOBER 6       1030 AM-NOON Pastor Tom Hughes having Devotional -Women eating out at Olive Garden following Devotional- We will start requesting items for Community Service’s Thanksgiving Baskets

NOVEMBER 3   1030 AM-NOON- Bible Study- “Pursued” then 2-4 PM Serving Cookies; Hot Chocolate; and Cider to Homeless around the Center

DECEMBER 1    1030 AM-NOON Bible Study “Pursued”

We will be asking for different items for Homeless during Spring; Summer and Fall months.  This will be announced as insert in Bulletin.